❓Are you the one organizing #photos and #videos for your family and friends?
❓Are you tired of endlessly scrolling your Google Photos or iCloud photos to find that special moment of your child starting to walk OR scoring a winning goal?
❓Would you like to be able to find, nearly instantly, a celebration or vacation trip to review with family and friends?
❓Are you tired of being locked in by a specific vendor into their ecosystem?
❓Were you upset that Google sunset Picasa?

✅If you answered Yes to at least some of these questions, then MediaCasa is for you! ✅

MediaCasa (Beta) is a powerful and user-friendly desktop application that helps users save hours when organizing their photos and videos into folders without relying on proprietary databases or cloud vendor lock-ins.

MediaCasa offers many unique features, including automatic renaming of files and ability to find similar photos, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to keep their digital memories organized.

Introduction Video